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Klaus Ackerer Biography

that`s me

a settling dream,which is it my magic, which is understandable and hardly place finds for strange felling the actually the hidden beauty,
in the subconscious spinends life threads.

1969 born in carinthia (austria)
the standard appropriate education,talent,
mostly failed because of the own ego,
well in such ego forum-floated and always...
I am a rebel,add me me and trust rarely humans,am for me nevertheless mean experiences an humans the most dangerous bad animal
i never trust you,that`s my at least

if i write am closed the eyes and my forehead in fold.

I wanted always will-broken off musician (guitarist)
I was always endeavor the work follow-broken off
26 different working premises- broken off
3 years independently
this completely in catering and hotel industry.

only the art saved mine lives and to these remains i faithfully up to mine dying.

those plays the life remains me in the view art creating saved.

the museum

the large stage (world) i do not enter daily with large joy, i live one-time time waste!


i would like to still mention, my creative create without study
(i would have also broken off),
without workshops and courses takes place.

abysses without material and color took place, there helped me the pin and a white sheet paper,then i wrote abstract gathered thoughts and sentences to stop.

art is not politics,and politics are not art
only differentiated: the art remains and the said is again said.

Kapitel der Unendlichkeit

Diesen überlasse ich liebend gerne den Wissenden Betrachter/in.